15 Our Favorite Places in Yellowstone

65 minutes

Few places, if any, in the lower 48 states have remained as wild and undisturbed as Yellowstone National Park. Sure, there are roads and boardwalks throughout the park to accommodate the millions of annual visitors, but its wildlife and unique landscape remind you that this part of our great country has never been tamed. Out of all the 62 national parks that we’ve visited, there is no place like Yellowstone. Because of its size and the many points of interest, to really see and experience all the wonders of this park will require more than a visit or two, preferably in different seasons. In this episode of The Dear Bob and Sue Podcast, we discuss our favorite places to visit inside the park and share a few tips we’ve learned from our trips.

Some topics and places we discuss include:

  • A brief history of the world’s first national park
  • Why there are so many geysers in Yellowstone (That’s geysers, the things that shoot hot water into the air, not geezers.)
  • Best times to visit the park
  • A bit about the large mammals you’ll likely see
  • Our favorite places in the different areas of the park: North, Central West, Central East, and more
  • A few hiking tips and suggestions
  • And, in our mail bag segment, we discuss why we didn’t narrate our Dear Bob and Sue audiobooks

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