#22: Dories, Ho!: Floating the Colorado River Through the Grand Canyon Part 1 of 2

87 minutes

For years we’d ask people who’d traveled the world, “What’s the best outdoor adventure trip you’ve ever taken?” To our surprise, the same answer came up time after time: floating the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. That’s all we needed to hear. So, with a dry bag filled with a few changes of clothes and a toothbrush, we set off down the river with fourteen of our closest friends for a six-day adventure. And, of course, we had a ten-person team of experienced guides with us, along with four wooden dory boats, three support rafts, and many cans of beer stowed below deck somewhere.

Some of the topics we discuss in this episode:

  • What a dory is
  • What the heck Dories, Ho! means
  • Preparing for our trip down the Colorado River
  • What it’s like living on the river for six days
  • The thrill of running whitewater rapids in a tiny wooden boat
  • And, would we do it again?
  • Tune in to part two (released Dec. 10) to learn the answer

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