29 Horse Pack Trip into the Wilderness

53 minutes

Saddle up, partner! Apologies for the corny opening, but—spoiler alert—more horse-related puns are awaiting you in this episode. We’ve taken many treks into wilderness areas in the past ten years, yet most of them have been of the two-legged variety. On this adventure, we let our four-legged friends do the hard part, carrying us (and our stuff) deep into the Pasayten Wilderness of north-central Washington state. As it seems with most of our exploits, there were a few bumps in the trail that we didn’t anticipate. But by the time we ended our four-day, three-night trip, we were ready to do it all over again. We just needed a few days for our butts to stop aching.

Some of the topics we discuss in this episode:

  • What it was like to ride a horse for the first time in 25 years
  • The curious suggestions we got from friends as we were preparing
  • The unique characteristics about each of our horses
  • The magnificent setting of our camp and the details of camp life
  • Why our horses deserted us and how we got them back
  • How it felt to wake up in a frozen tent in August
  • Our amazing daytrips 
  • And, it wouldn’t be a Matt and Karen adventure without a guest appearance from an oh-too-familiar slithery companion

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